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  • Software development for Windows, Mac OS, Unix

  • Mobile software development

  • Web application development

  • Database design,development and management

  • JAVA ( JDK, J2SE, J2EE, JavaFX, Groovy/Grails, Scala)
  • C/C++, C#,Objective C, Swift
  • PHP (including Symfony, Zend frameworks)
  • Java Script (including all js frameworks), AJAX
  • AWS

Contracts based on Offshore Development Centre (ODC) / Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) operation is a perfect solution for businesses wishing to augment their software development productivity without bearing too much of additional expenses like hiring extra staff or investing into other resources.

Software development outsource based on ODC/ODT models works well for start-up companies aiming at reducing expenses and getting guaranteed results. Benefits of ODC/ODT contract type: the customer is the manager of developers and is able to manage their offshore team in the appropriate way, adjusting office hours to the convenient time zone and reporting practices; the customer does not need to worry about routine matters and waste time on organizational tasks like hiring qualified developers and project managers, renting an office and so on.We prefer working on a contract basis....
All other methods are welcome, and everything is negotiable. Just contact us for further details.


We normaly use the following workflow

Analysis Estimation & Proposal Budget Architecture Development QA Success Support New Version


  • E-mail and post;
  • Instant Messengers (Skype);
  • Project Management Systems (JIRA, dotProject, etc.);
  • Versioning Systems (Subversion, git, Mercurial, even CVS - whatever you like);
  • Bug Tracking Systems (Bugzilla, etc.);
  • Reporting Systems (for keeping track on what's going on and for billing purposes);
  • Regular phone/Skype calls and visits.

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Send us an email with any questions or enquiries.
If you would like to work with us, send us your short project specification and time allocation. We will analyse your query and will be back to you very soon, mostly next day.

About company

Our company was found in 2010 by a group of enthusiasts. From the very beginning we specialized in web development, using mostly Java PHP and Javascript. With time we have understand that web development do not promise long-time perspective, and we started to invest in software development using more reliable technologies such as Java. This strategy helped us to reach wider range of customers and turned out in success.
The quality of our services helps us to grow and establish long-term relationship with our customer.
The company is using Agile and Scrum methodology into most projects for minimum time and maximum results.
Our team consists of talented engineers, energetic managers, highly experienced developers, testers, analysts, QA experts. We are all focusing on delivering high quality products in innovative technologies.
The rapid technology growth makes us always to be up-to-date. We are constantly researching the market and trying to follow all the latest trends in technology world.
Our strategy is happy customer.

Our Offices

Ad:Sydney, Australia
P: +61 4 254 47 772
Ad:London, UK
P: +44 7 585 85 05 05
Ad:Manchester, UK
P: +44 7 526 92 68 36
Ad:Riga, Latvia
P: +371 298 37795
Ad: Peramozcau ave. 7,
Minsk, Belarus
P: +375 33 374 30 10
Skype: shopizator