Data Pipeline use cases

Data Pipeline

There are plenty of use cases when AWS data pipelines could save a fortune and speed up business decisions. Firstly, it is serverless that means you do not have anything on your server if you do not want to. Everything is starting entirely on AWS side and you pay only per execution.

  1. Analyse daily users’ behaviour through extracting data from logs
  2. Analyse transactions for payment system
  3. Analyse stock exchange reports. And many more

So, datapipeline allows you to spin up entire infrastructure needed for Hadoop cluster. Run all logic you desire to process your data with and shut down. Main steps are:

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How to start using AWS to improve your business performance.

How to start using AWS to improve business performence

In good old days every party connected to the internet and wishing to distribute data had to have own servers. This could lead to massive over budgeting and prevent business from being efficient. Literally, business had to take care of infrastructure, which was most of the time sitting and doing nothing but being extremely expensive. Then AWS came on stage and offered a quite unique kind of service. Now if business has a big CPU demand, it can be utilised through pay-as-you-go model. AWS will rent it for you and let you get all of your data with paying only fraction of the cost of own infrastructure.

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